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It’s Time to Become a


Build your coaching business and plan your corporate exit in just 8 weeks even if you don’t have a lot of time. 

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You want to quit your 9 to 5 and focus on entrepreneurship, but your family is depending on you and you need financial stability. 

You have achieved success at work and in your community, but you’re just not sure if that same success would transfer as a new entrepreneur.  

Plus you don’t have a step by step plan to ensure you get it right the first time related to launching your business.

You wish you had more time to spend with your kids, but it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. 

You’re tired of being undervalued at work and you’re ready to start something on your own. 

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Let’s face it, building a business as a mom presents a unique set of challenges. You’re limited on time, resources, and energy. 

But not building a business could mean 30+ years in your cubicle.

That’s not what I want for you.

That’s not what your kids want for you. 

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You need a blueprint

to help you chart your path from

with limited time for your family

spending your days nurturing your dreams and your kids





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How do I know?

Because just 6 years ago I was in the exact same place.
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doing most of the work on my team with little to no recognition
being passed over  for promotions
going home everyday too worn out to enjoy the little family I built with my husband 
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I knew something had to change.

I wasn’t going to let another year go by with my freedom in the hands of some company that didn’t value me. 

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Freedom with your energy

It’s time to end the struggle version of motherhood and build generational wealth through entrepreneurship. 

If you’re ready to write a new story around motherhood, you’re in the right place. 
Freedom with your time
Freedom with your finances

What I want for you more than anything is freedom.

Moms know how to make it happen, against all odds family will come first, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing your freedom because of it.

Building a six figure coaching business is absolutely a possibility if you learn the strategies I will teach you to

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I’ve been where you are, and starting without a plan is not an option. You have too much to lose and not enough time to make a lot of mistakes.

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The truth is...

It sucks to constantly wonder “what if?”

What if you took that risk and your whole life changed for the better?

The truth is, not taking the chance on your idea is keeping you from the financial and time freedom you desire. 

It’s frustrating to watch as other women with less responsibilities have all the fun and make all the cash.

What if you missed out on amazing memories with your kids because you couldn’t take time off work? 

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An 8 week group coaching program designed to help ambitious and driven mamas build an online business, launch it, and plan their exit from Corporate America.

what you get



Master Your Mindset:

We’ll break those beliefs that are holding you back and discuss how you can overcome fear & self doubt and turn your purpose into a profit. You will also dive into time management and set effective routines for abundant success. Lastly you will plan your Quit Day to prepare yourself for full time entrepreneurship in the next 12 to 18 months. 


Magnify Your Message:

We’ll outline how to “sell your story,” and identify your target audience. Branding is more than cute photos we’ll discuss the exact 3 step framework I used to build a brand online that creates community and attracts opportunities for speaking engagements, podcast interviews and media coverage and turns followers into customers. 


Memorable Marketing:

We’ll find which of your many ideas is your money maker and focus on which niche/target audience will be served by that idea.  You will learn how to resonate with your audience, and build consistency into your marketing to support your brand’s growth and engagement. 


Social Media for Sales:

You will learn the formula to create content that captivates, captions that convert and plan 90 days of engaging content that sells. We will discuss exactly what you need to post on social media, what systems to use and how attract new leads for your services via Instagram and Facebook.


Create Your Brand Plan:

 It’s time to execute! We’ll talk through step by step how you can package your offer to sell and set goals to help you implement.  You will also learn how to price your offers for profit, communicate your value and create an 8 week launch plan to support the roll out of your services. 


Plan Your Exit:

It’s time to get your life! You will learn how to predict your business revenue, ramp up to your quit date and create financial stability before you make the big leap. 

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Here's a breakdown of what's also included :
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12 Months of Live Group Coaching Calls 

($9997 value)

Bi -weekly calls with Jasmine, where we will map out strategies, answer questions, offer mindset support and accountability. Replays are also available if you can't join live.

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Mogul Mom

($1997 value)

Chart your progress in the course following the mogul mom workbook. Once complete you will have a step by step guide to building, branding and launching your online business. 

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Group Challenges

($1997 value)

Learn my exact formula for making 90% of my revenue simply using social media content. We'll break down how yo use IG stories, going live, and other content to attract qualified leads and close deals right in your DMs or over the phone.

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Just like motherhood, entrepreneurship isn't one size fits all. So Mom2Mogul offers two learning paths based on your individual needs: 

Option 1:
*Course Only* 

Self Paced Course
  • Access to Mom2Mogul Course

  • Access to Private  FB Community 

  • Access to library of templates, scripts, plug n play captions and more.

  • Access to bonus lessons like How to Make Sales in DM, How to Plan Your Year, How to Leverage Livestreams to Attract Clients and more.


Option 2:
Mom2Mogul Course +

Self Paced Course + Coaching
  • Access to Mom2Mogul Course

  • 12 Months of Group Q+A Sessions (twice per month)

  • Access to Private Community 

  • Access to library of templates, scripts, plug n play captions and more.

  • Access to bonus lessons like How to Make Sales in DM, How to Plan Your Year, How to Leverage Livestreams to Attract Clients and more.


$3500 (pay in full) 

or 4 payments of $875

Interested in more personalized help? Click below to see my one on one services.

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I am a teacher and I earned more than $250k on the side after participating in Mom2Mogul!


Jasmine really helped me with clarity, branding, and messaging. I took M2M back in 2019 and finally got serious and applied what she taught me during August 2020.


Since going back to the basics that she taught me, I have made more than $29,000 since August 2020 and gained more than 35K TikTok followers just being myself and really stepping into the teacher social media space as an expert in my niche, which is content creation for middle and high school students, specifically engaging and hip assignments for Gen Z students.

Basically, I make assignments on Google slides and sell them to other teachers, reaching students not only in the US but in the UK Australia and even South Africa! Thanks to Jasmine I can do that with clarity and confidence and even added a course and group coaching program to my offers.

Check out these testimonials from our mamas!

Not sure if Mom2Mogul is right for you?

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Ty T.
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Mamas who are ready to show up as the bossed up of version of themselves

Soon to be moms who want to learn the tips they need to manage their new role as mommy and boss

Ambitious mamas ready to get back the goal oriented version of themselves that they were before having kids

Tired mamas looking for community and support to push through and make things happen

Mamas who don’t have it all figured out but are willing to seek the strategies to change that.
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Mamas who are using their kids as an excuse for not pursuing their goals

Mamas who aren’t willing to devote at least 1 to 2 hours a week to build their dream life

Mamas who aren’t willing to learn new ways of doing things

Mamas who believe that their role at home is the only one that matters

the mogul mom

My name is Jasmine Chanelle and I am a mom of three, wife, and entrepreneur. Over the last five years I have successfully mastered building an online brand, launching a thriving coaching business, all while raising three young children.


I walked away from a 10 year marketing career to have more time at home with my kids and become a full time stay at home mom.

For years I let perfectionism and self doubt talk me out of my dream of being a business owner. Until one day at work I reached my wit’s end. I was tired of being undervalued, under appreciated, passed over for promotions, and simply not making the money that reflected my education and experience. So I started a side hustle, spending my nights and weekends creating additional income for my household.  Within 2 years of starting my business I doubled my corporate salary.


My goal is to help other ambitious mamas do the exact same thing - turn your side hustle into full time money so you can return home to your kids.


After our time together you will know the changes you need to make to manage your time more wisely, eliminate limiting beliefs and set ambitious goals, take all the ideas out of your head and turn them into an actionable plan, and finally have the tools to get out of your own way and launch your idea with a brand strategy in hand and your kids close by.

+ brand coach
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Push past fear and self doubt and finally pursue those goals you’ve dreamed of

Move from a million ideas in your head to one solid action plan in just a few weeks

Get the blueprint on being a bomb mom while also building a business, from someone who has successfully managed both, all while in the public eye on the internet. (I gave birth on YouTube, twice)

Build a side hustle that you were not only passionate about, but one that provided more disposable income for family vacations, extracurricular activities and the occasional splurge on some self care for you


Mom2Mogul will help you find out.

This program will take place via self guided modules, weekly group coaching calls, weekly growth assignments and resources to track your progress. You will have the opportunity to not only work with me to reclaim your identity and bring your ideas to life, but you will also have the opportunity to learn from and pour into other moms in the Mom2Mogul community. 

Have more

Enrollment closes soon.

** Due to the nature of this service all payments are non-refundable **

Mom2Mogul is not a membership or month by month service. It’s a digital course and you get instant access on day one, so you can’t cancel your payment plan part of the way through. By clicking subscribe and choosing to join the program via payment plan you are committing to pay the full total amount  over a maximum period of 6 months from your enrollment date. For these reasons we cannot delay or defer future payments. Failure to comply will result in collection action.

DISCLAIMER: Results shown are not to be interpreted as typical,  common, or expected.  Testimonials shared are unique and applicable to the individuals depicted. We cannot guarantee your success and results may vary.

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