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June 7 - 9, 2024

What if you finally gave yourself the PERMISSION to have a life outside of motherhood?

I get it! You achieved success, but you're tired of having a life that looks good but doesn't feel good. You have all the markers of a "perfect" life: the partner, the career, the cute kids but you feel caged in and like life is passing you by.  You're ready for freedom in all aspects and you know you can't spend another decade playing it safe. 

You're hungry for more peace, more choices, more satisfaction.

You want to embrace the mogul within and walk into your next level with unwavering confidence and a fiery passion for life. You want the big, abundant life they promised without the fear and second guessing. 

I can show you how. 

Building your mogul life starts with getting clarity on what YOU want and then pairing your faith and belief to take action towards that goal. The mogul inside you is waiting to come out. The Mom2Mogul Momcation  is your chance to bring her to life. 

Transform your mindset, grow your money & reimagine motherhood

The Mom2Mogul Momcation is a weekend designed for ambitious mamas ready
to experience ultimate freedom! Join us for a transformational weekend discovering the mogul within and creating your blueprint to become her!


Join me at Mogul Mansion!